September 29, 2009 at 4:16 pm (Preparation)

Huge amounts of thanks to Katherine Raz and Chris Karr who talked me through fixing my blog. And by that I mean “did it for me.” Now you can subscribe to my blog, for real. Just click on the subscribe buttons on the right and put in your email address. It will also tell me when you unsubscribe, and that will make me wonder what I did wrong.


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how it came to pass

September 19, 2009 at 4:14 pm (Preparation)

i’ve had many an imaginary blog over the years.  things like “davidschwimmerisphoningitin.gov” or “tommyrapleynevercallsme.org“.  they are always very official and very specific.  this, however, is my first actualized blog, and this is its very first actualized post.  i did insist, as you can see, upon the validity of the blog by adding the “dotgov”.  that way you will know it’s AUTHENTIC  and TRUE.

on September 24th, 2009, i’ll be leaving my beloved home in Chicago for whiter pastures.  specifically, McMurdo Station, Antarctica.  approximately 100% of the people i’ve told have said “oh, you need to start a blog.”


i have also had the following dialogue with approximately 100% of the people, which i will outline for you now:

Me: Hi!  I’m going to Antarctica for 6 months.

You: WTF?

Me: It’s true.

You: Why?

Me: For a life adventure.  To hug a penguin.  To heal.  To drive scientists around in a big truck for the National Science Foundation.  To see Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand on someone else’s nickel.

You: Weird.

Me: Yes.


Are you going to be, like, an Ice Road Trucker? Kind of, but I think less dangerous.  i’ve never actually seen that show.  i don’t have cable.

Oh, you’re going to Alaska? No.  Antarctica.  The weirder one.

Is that the North Pole or South Pole? South.

Are you sure it’s legit? fairly.  i have instructed people to come get me if i’m not back by march 15th or so.  that will mean i have been sold into white slavery and would very much like to be rescued.

Is that the one with polar bears or penguins? Penguins.  the bears are up north.

How did you find out about this? Craigslist…I’m serious.

Are you qualified? Probably not, but I do have a CDL (commercial driver’s license) from driving trolleys in Chicago, so that probably helped.

What do your parents think about this? As with everything I do, they think I’m a little weird, but have been nothing but supportive.  My mom asked if she’d be able to visit me.  The answer is no.

Are you going with anyone else? No.

How many people are there? At McMurdo Station, about 200 during the winter; 1200 during the summer.  I’ll be there during their summer, our winter.

How cold is it? Basically, it’s like a really bad Chicago winter.  But with better clothing.

Do you have internet? Yes.  a little.  no wi-fi and i’ll probably have to wait in line.  no downloading of big files or skype or anything like that, but e-mailing and such can be done.  i’ll have a phone in my room too, but i can only call out.  no inbound calls.

Can you leave? Yes, if an emergency happens and i have to get home.  they prefer it not to happen as that gets expensive.

Wait, why are you doing this? because it’s awesome.

Are you going to have a blog? (sigh) yes.  yes, i am.

Have you seen the movie The Thing? No.

Do you think you’ll fall in love with a scientist and just stay there? Absolutely not.

How do you get there? I’m driving my car to Oklahoma, where it will live with my folks.  Then, flight to Denver for a couple days of orientation; flight to Christchurch, New Zealand, with stop-overs  in L.A. and Sydney, Australia; couple more days of orientation and picking up cold weather gear and clothes in Christchurch; 5 or 6(ish) hour flight in something similar to an Army cargo plane to The Ice.  At which point, I will probably be crying for my chiropractor.

What do I do if I want to go? lookie here

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