More Alien Farts.

June 30, 2010 at 5:07 pm (It Looks Like This)

Temp: -26 C / -15 F
WC: same
Winds: calm
Pole: -70 C / -94 F

You just can’t escape them down here, and happily, the moon, electricity, winds, and temperatures are all working together so we can get as many green-fiery displays as possible. These photos are from the ole Public Files, and I’m not sure what that yellow-fiery-glowy thing in some of the photos are, but it’s a safe bet these were taken awhile ago, when that yellow-fiery-glowy thing still made short visits.

The long sunset.

alien farts.

Alien Farts!


This is what our friends at the International Space Station see.

This photo was taken by DJ just a few days ago, when the moon was full. Leaving work, there was just a light cloud cover, and it lit up the sky and Ob Hill nicely. It was so nice of the moon to bring us tiny glimpses of the Royal Society too. I’ve really missed seeing their shape and outlines since the sun went away. And yes, I did do some howling on this day. Not a euphemism.

Last, but not least, Albuquerque.


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She Speaks

June 25, 2010 at 9:50 pm (Stuff)

Temps: -12 C / +10 F (balmy!!)
WC: -21 C / -6 F
Winds: 14 kts
Pole: -59 C / -74 F

Scarlett, my little red-headed hussy, finally speaks.

Hasbro is putting up webisodes every month from the G.I. Joe work we did way back in September, just before I packed up my thermals and headed down south. The “true fans” seem to hate it, judging by their blogs and comments. I guess I’m not a true fan, ’cause I think it’s pretty cool. And now, you can finally hear me on them. Scarlett and Helix, bustin’ heads all over Operation HISS.

Enjoy. Click on the videos link, then Operation HISS, Episodes 4 and 5. Look for the girls with the large…personalities. Or, just watch me beat a bunch of ass on the one entitled “G.I. Joe Operation HISS – Scarlett.”

She’s a bad motha.

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It’s Coming Back, Right?…RIGHT?!?

June 22, 2010 at 2:22 am (What I Do)

Temps: -29 C / -20 F
WC: same
Winds: up to 6 kts
Pole: – 64 C / -83 F

Winter Solstice (for we, the Southern Hemisphere folk) has come and gone. The sun has gotten as far away from us as it’s going to get, and we’ve been marginally assured that it has started its lengthy journey back. It will officially reappear for real-real for about 2 minutes on July 29th, as a belated birthday present to me and Brooks one who shall remain nameless.

In keeping with Antarctic winter-over tradition, started by the likes of Shackleton, Scott and the dogs they consumed kept as pets, we had a feast fit for the Ice Princes and Doctor-Princesses that we are. Food and decoration planning has been going on since approximately 1989, and no tiny cherry tomato from the Greenhouse was spared…Because we ate the shit out of every last one of them.

Not to mention all that pate de fois gras.

Suck it, PETA. That shit was delicious.

Invitations were printed and sent out to the twenty-odd other stations, all over the continent. Click on it. You can see my little name! And all my wintertime friends’ names! See, mom, proof!

The Galley was decorated…

There were fancy dresses and ties. There were photos. It was basically Prom, but the wine came from actual bottles and the lodgings were rather more questionable. Photos courtesy of DJ and Karen, Keri Nelson, Cedar Reimer and, of course, the I:Drive.

Me and Brooks. It kind of looks like we’re excited about our impending doom bundle of joy.

That is because we are.

Prom King and Queen, Bethany and Carl. They’re even hotter in Real Life. And, if they weren’t so nice, we’d probably hate them, just like we hated the Real Prom King and Queen.

My date is about to leave me (and our unborn child) for another man. Also just like at Real Prom.

The Kool Cats. Keri, Brooks, Matt, Quinn, Jay, Nathan, DJ, Susan, Genevieve, Tad, Me, Karen, Megan, K-Dub, and Ulsh. Rrrrawr.

Cesar, Brooks, Me and Cedar…doin’ it up right.

Holy shit, they just opened up the buffet line…Beef Wellington, Oven Roasted Cornish Game Hen, and Crab Stuffed Lobster Tail…

Risotto Croquette, Parmesan Potato Bake, and Grilled Marinated Asparagus…

The dessert section of the galley. Who needs seven virgins? This is heaven.

Six kinds of truffles. I am not even kidding you.

Ice cream. Three flavors. Chocolate, butter pecan and a sorbet that would make your grandmama cry. Not kidding you here, either.

Too. Much. Truffle. Booze.

The next day, to sober up, we all did the Naked Antarctic Polar Plunge. Those stories and pictures to come.

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Shakira Probably Wants to Marry Me

June 18, 2010 at 5:14 pm (In the News)

Temp: -25 C / -13 F
WC: same
Winds: calm
Pole: -63 C / -81 F

June Records:
Max Temp: -4 C / +25 F
Min Temp: -42 C / -44 F
Snowfall: 11.5 inches in 24 hours
Winds: 104 kts / 120 mph

It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t been posting much lately. Mostly, this attention has been brought by my dad and sister, via email and page, with the words, “Hey! Where the hell is your blog?” Point taken, with apologies and explanations to follow.

More importantly, however, is the fact that my One True Love (besides Stephen Hawking) is now aware of my existence. Not only is Shakira aware of me, she’s basically publicly pronouncing her love for me. Sigh. Oh, Shakira. Calm down. Let’s go on a date first, before we get all mushy and PDA-y.

So, Shakira, in her hip-shaking and world-loving glory, is raising funds to “benefit FIFA’s “20 Centers for 2010” initiative, which aims to achieve positive social change through football (that’s “soccer” to us Americans) by building 20 “Football for Hope” public health centers across Africa.” To do so, “she’s just posted a track called “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa),” which will serve as the official theme for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, [which kicked] off June 11 in South Africa.” On her official website, folks from all over the world are submitting videos of them dancing the Waka Waka.

Everyone knows that participating in any event from Antarctica brings with it a certain je ne sais quoi. Let’s be honest. I’m at least twenty percent more awesome, now that I’m here. So, we Antarcticans figured we should dance, post a video, and get automatic love and affection from Shakira and The World. And that’s how Shakira came to know and love me.

The video, for your viewing pleasure. I’m the one in the green hat (which Brooks found and rescued for me!) on the your right, doing a celebratory can-can with Brooks, himself. Now, go out and buy the record so the childrens can play that game where they kick the ball into the thing and then run around with their shirts off and fists in the air. Because the more practice they get now, the hotter they are when they grow up. And that’s what it’s all about.

My nuptials with Shakira are to be announced in the coming weeks. I’m sure of it.

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June 4, 2010 at 10:43 pm (It Looks Like This)

Temp: -18 C / 0 F
WC: -27 C / -17 F
Winds: 8 kts
Pole: -58 C / -72 F

The other best place on campus is the Greenhouse.

To help The People conserve money energy, this bastion of good health and well-being was shut down over the summer. However, it re-opened for the winter, and the general public was recently granted access.

The front door…it doesn’t look like much, but the magic is on the inside. Now that I know its healing powers — and how to work a banana hammock (hey) — I will be heading there far more frequently.

Brooks and I took a trip Thursday evening. I’m pretty sure I left my hat — which Michael Christiansen calls “iconic” — there.

So, to discontinue my general state of feeling naked and cold-headed, I suppose I’ll trek over there again this evening to try and find it. I am particularly fond of this hat.

Whoa, Mama!

Remembering to stop and smell the roses. Or, whatever these pretty, petally things are called.

There are also funhouse mirrors inside. They make the veggies feel less oppressed. Oh, and my apologies for the frenetic nature of the video. Apparently, we were on sensory overload. This is the fastest I’ve moved in months. I wish I was kidding.

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In the Unassuming Little Shack

June 1, 2010 at 8:37 pm (In Our Down Time)

Temp: -25 C / -33 F
WC: -30 C / -22 F
Winds: 3 kts
Pole: -64 C / -83 F

Here at MacTown, during the summertime, if one knows exactly where to look and exactly what to look for, one might just stumble upon one Unassuming Little Shack. This Unassuming Little Shack has been sought out by The People for the past many years — during the summertime, of course, as The People can only really handle short visits during the warm season. Tourists, we like to call them. The People have threatened, cajoled, and used rabid dogs to sniff the Unassuming Little Shack out. Alas, they have been roundly unsuccessful, and their consternation and anger rises anew every winter, when the Unassuming Little Shack makes its annual appearance to make the Icies happy and slightly more well-balanced.

Now, there it sits, that happy Unassuming Little Shack. Just outside the Firehouse, where one can reserve some quality time in a nice warm tub. There are no bubbles, but it’s cleaned daily, and there is a working heater — both for the water and building itself — and it’s about the nicest place to go on a cold winter’s day.

*No peeing or glass bottles allowed.

Me and Brooks, chillaxin’ in the tub.

Justin, a true pleasure and delight, who is always good for a smile.

The inner sanctum. Oooh, Tropical Themed!

Brooks and Cedar.

That’s not wind. Our swimsuits just froze immediately upon exiting the building.

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