In the Unassuming Little Shack

June 1, 2010 at 8:37 pm (In Our Down Time)

Temp: -25 C / -33 F
WC: -30 C / -22 F
Winds: 3 kts
Pole: -64 C / -83 F

Here at MacTown, during the summertime, if one knows exactly where to look and exactly what to look for, one might just stumble upon one Unassuming Little Shack. This Unassuming Little Shack has been sought out by The People for the past many years — during the summertime, of course, as The People can only really handle short visits during the warm season. Tourists, we like to call them. The People have threatened, cajoled, and used rabid dogs to sniff the Unassuming Little Shack out. Alas, they have been roundly unsuccessful, and their consternation and anger rises anew every winter, when the Unassuming Little Shack makes its annual appearance to make the Icies happy and slightly more well-balanced.

Now, there it sits, that happy Unassuming Little Shack. Just outside the Firehouse, where one can reserve some quality time in a nice warm tub. There are no bubbles, but it’s cleaned daily, and there is a working heater — both for the water and building itself — and it’s about the nicest place to go on a cold winter’s day.

*No peeing or glass bottles allowed.

Me and Brooks, chillaxin’ in the tub.

Justin, a true pleasure and delight, who is always good for a smile.

The inner sanctum. Oooh, Tropical Themed!

Brooks and Cedar.

That’s not wind. Our swimsuits just froze immediately upon exiting the building.



  1. Aro Geraldes said,

    All I can read here is fantastic…
    So cold temperatures: I promise never to complain about 5 ° C of Buenos Aires.
    Greeting from capital of Argentina

    Aro Geraldes

    I invite Antartic friends to visite my blog: International football journalism

  2. Alex said,


    I am reading a book (State of Fear by Michael Crichton) and Two chapters just took place at Murcado Station!!!!! CRAZY! Been thinking about you. 80 degrees and hot hot HOT. I could go for a little freezing now. Wanna switch?

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