It’s Coming Back, Right?…RIGHT?!?

June 22, 2010 at 2:22 am (What I Do)

Temps: -29 C / -20 F
WC: same
Winds: up to 6 kts
Pole: – 64 C / -83 F

Winter Solstice (for we, the Southern Hemisphere folk) has come and gone. The sun has gotten as far away from us as it’s going to get, and we’ve been marginally assured that it has started its lengthy journey back. It will officially reappear for real-real for about 2 minutes on July 29th, as a belated birthday present to me and Brooks one who shall remain nameless.

In keeping with Antarctic winter-over tradition, started by the likes of Shackleton, Scott and the dogs they consumed kept as pets, we had a feast fit for the Ice Princes and Doctor-Princesses that we are. Food and decoration planning has been going on since approximately 1989, and no tiny cherry tomato from the Greenhouse was spared…Because we ate the shit out of every last one of them.

Not to mention all that pate de fois gras.

Suck it, PETA. That shit was delicious.

Invitations were printed and sent out to the twenty-odd other stations, all over the continent. Click on it. You can see my little name! And all my wintertime friends’ names! See, mom, proof!

The Galley was decorated…

There were fancy dresses and ties. There were photos. It was basically Prom, but the wine came from actual bottles and the lodgings were rather more questionable. Photos courtesy of DJ and Karen, Keri Nelson, Cedar Reimer and, of course, the I:Drive.

Me and Brooks. It kind of looks like we’re excited about our impending doom bundle of joy.

That is because we are.

Prom King and Queen, Bethany and Carl. They’re even hotter in Real Life. And, if they weren’t so nice, we’d probably hate them, just like we hated the Real Prom King and Queen.

My date is about to leave me (and our unborn child) for another man. Also just like at Real Prom.

The Kool Cats. Keri, Brooks, Matt, Quinn, Jay, Nathan, DJ, Susan, Genevieve, Tad, Me, Karen, Megan, K-Dub, and Ulsh. Rrrrawr.

Cesar, Brooks, Me and Cedar…doin’ it up right.

Holy shit, they just opened up the buffet line…Beef Wellington, Oven Roasted Cornish Game Hen, and Crab Stuffed Lobster Tail…

Risotto Croquette, Parmesan Potato Bake, and Grilled Marinated Asparagus…

The dessert section of the galley. Who needs seven virgins? This is heaven.

Six kinds of truffles. I am not even kidding you.

Ice cream. Three flavors. Chocolate, butter pecan and a sorbet that would make your grandmama cry. Not kidding you here, either.

Too. Much. Truffle. Booze.

The next day, to sober up, we all did the Naked Antarctic Polar Plunge. Those stories and pictures to come.


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